Services Offered

We offer a range of services and also maintain a database of leading suppliers in many fields.
Event Management
From conceptualising to implementation, HiJinx will work with you to make your event as magical and successful as you imagined it could be.

Publicity Services
Promotion of people, products and services as well as events. This includes production of media materials as well as compiling a list of relevant media and ensuring that the information reaches those people and, by inference, members of the public.
However, please note that HiJinx cannot guarantee that coverage will be received as we have no control over what is covered by the media.
Book Blog Tours
These are tours for both print and digital titles for authors both locally and internationally. Services include securing blog tour stops, sending out requests for reviews, assisting with promotional material and promotion across various social media platforms.

Marketing Services
Identifying new sources of business and introducing those sources to your product or service. This includes production of new written materials as well as strategy for increasing awareness of your product or service.

Administrative Support
Providing assistance with administrative aspects on a project to project basis for small business and individuals. From typing to form and system design. Contact us now for more information.

Gifting / Promotional Goods
With access to a wealth of services, we are able to provide a range of personalised products and specialise in embroidered goods at extremely reasonable rates. If we do not currently have a supplier who fulfills your needs, we will find one to suit the job!

Writing Services
Writing and producing new, creative documents for companies or products. Helping to create innovative and user friendly brochures / marketing materials. Helping to identify where previous material has been inefficient and re-designing it.
Editing existing materials and ensuring that they are as comprehensive and professional as possible.

Product Shots
We are able to arrange product shots for use in promotional material, websites etc. This service is by arrangement only and a basic cost will be levied for work completed even if the final product is not purchased.